Relaxing Music for All

Listen to Audio Demonstrations of Music covering many New Age Music styles including Ambient , Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation, Massage, Hypnosis Music, Reiki and Fractal.
Music all designed for specific purposes.

I have a vast range of relaxing music, new age music, nature music that can be be used for various purposes.

Practice slow breathing with my Breathing Ripples CD, perfect for meditation, for learning controlled breathing for diving, to help asthma sufferers or simply for relaxation.  
Listen to the audio demonstration.

I also offer Chakra Meditation music, hypnosis music and yoga music. There are samples of all of these available to listen to online to demonstrate their effects. The music you will find on this site is all perfect for relaxation.

My music is used by therapists and individuals all over the world.

Much music is relaxing and calming, but this is music specifically designed to assist in pursuits such as meditation.

These CDs are specially designed specific activities -  breathing exercise, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, slowing the pulse and reducing blood pressure.  

Every CD has an online audio demonstration so you can hear what you are going to buy.
My name is Charles Vald and I am a hypnotherapist and musician based in London, England. My work has been tested on my patients and is used by businesses, therapists and individuals all over the world.

Relax, recharge and heal.


Charles Vald

(For compression reasons, please note that the demos are 1/5th the sound quality of the CD) Click with the left mouse button on the link to listen or click with the right mouse button to save to your computer.

I have put a lot of care into my work, I hope you enjoy my ambient, relaxing, soothing CDs as much as I did creating them.

Remember that these music CDs are specially designed and used by hypnotherapists to be relaxing and calming. They have been thoroughly tested and developed to ensure that all the pieces are of outstanding quality and unlike anything else on the market. Of course they are great to be used in your home as relaxation music, for self hypnosis, yoga, meditation or any other relaxing treatments.

My Hypnosis Health Care and Health Products and Relaxing New Age Music site can be found by clicking here

I also specialise in Eye Masks and Sleeping Masks